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2012-2013 E-Rab Wrestling Schedule

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Zach Mutton wrestled his way to third place finish in the state this past weekend. He defeated his first two opponents and then wrestled the #1 ranked wrestler from Lombard Montini which he lost. Zach then wrestled another two matchs on a mission to his third place finish. He finished the tournament 4-1. It was an extremely fun tournament as Zach wrestled with spunk and he and coach had the same common goal and that was to place in the top three.

Zach defeated Kai Jacobs from Jacksonville HS with a score of 3-2. Next up for Zach is Brett Okane from Richmond Burton in this evenings session which begins at 6pm.

Seven o'clock in the morning the E-Rab coaching staff along with state qualifier, Zach Mutton and teammates Zac Vannatta and Jason Woods will head to Champaign. Looking to add his name to the permanent portion of E-Rab History, Zach Mutton is a contender and feels really good right now which makes his coach feel the same. On match at a time! 


The E-Rabs have been busy the past few weeks...

First the NIC-10 Conference tournament...overall we did not wrestle very well. we came up 6 points short of a third place finish. Individual results were: Wally Gamon 4th, Sergio DeLaRosa 3rd, Zac Vannatta 3rd, Jason Woods 4th, Zach Mutton - Champion, Matt Marshall 5th, JonWalker 2nd, Matdy Vongsouvanh 4th and Mike Estergard 5th.

Second up was the IHSA Regional at Woodstock...overall we finished in the runner up sport, behind the #1 ranked Crystal Lake Central Tigers. Our best team performance of the year by far. Focus was in and we were wrestling well. Individual results were: Wally Gamon 3rd, Sergio DeLaRosa - Champion, Nick Larson 4th, Zac Vannatta 2nd, Jason Woods 2nd, Zach Mutton 2nd, Jon Walker 3rd, Matdy Vongsouvanh 3rd and Mike Estergard 4th.

Third up was the IHSA Sectional at Rochelle this past weekend...We didn't carry on with our great performances at regionals...however individually we did have some great wrestling. Zach Mutton finished second to Joey Kielbasa (ranked #2) for the second week in a row and is the only IHSA state qualifier for the E-Rabs. However, outstanding performances from Zac Vannatta as he wrestled his tail off and even though he didn't advance to next weekends finals...he had one hell of a display on the mat.

The E-Rab Sophomore wrestling team finished second this past weekend in their conference tournament, behind Hononegah. Individual finishes were as follows: Jorge Ramirez 4th, Romeo Buchanan 5th, Yiovan Martinez 3rd, Kevin Kuri 2nd, Joel DeLaRosa 2nd, Noah Nunez 4th, Antonio Garcia 2nd, Collin Ruthe 2nd, Matt Marshall 5th, Paul Montoya - Champion, Alex Wilkinson 2nd and Michael Estergard - Champion. That makes for two weeks in a row that the E-Rabs finished 2nd behind Hononegah (both the Freshmen and the Sophomore conference tournaments).

Our travels to Downers Grove South were definatly interesting as the road conditions were not the greatest as we got closer to the Windy City. Many wrecked vehicles on I88 on the way in. The E-Rabs weighed in to a suprise that we were getting a additional pound to what we were told. Wrestling began with Downers Grove South, Proviso Wast and Hinsdale Central. The E-Rabs lost to DGS 29-39, defeated Proviso West 52-16 and then lost to state ranked Hinsdale Central 15-50. Matdy Vongsouvanh earned himself a "Beast Master" shirt defeating Hinsdale Central's Brian Allen, who is currently ranked 8th and has won two tournaments and has defeated several top ranked kids. Great wrestling Saturday Matdy and Congratulations on recieveing your first "Beast Master" shirt.

It was a great time for the middle school wrestlers being able to display their talent in front of a great crowd and in the high school gym with full size mats and actual score boards as we hosted middle school night. Lincoln and Flinn wrestled prior to our final conference dual of the season against Belvidere. It was Senior night and we recognized a record 13 seniors and their families. We went on to defeat Belvidere 45-15. Our 2011 Seniors are: Frankie Carlson, Sergio DeLaRosa, Wally Gamon, Alex Hernandez, Savon Isaac, Zach Mutton, Jorge Puente, Seth Swinehart, Starr Thammavong, Zac Vannatta, Matdy Vongsouvanh, Jon Walker and Dylan Yasak. Congratulations Senior and thanks for your dedication to E-Rab Wrestling!

At a time when plenty of news and rumors are surrounding our district, our E-Rab wrestling program continues to roll onto good things. Our freshmen wrestling team fell short of our goal of being the freshmen conference champions. Coach Wolf stated that "we are closing the gap on Hononegah", referring to finishing 19 points behind Hononegah. Coach Johnson stated, "We wrestled pretty good, but we also lost some matches that we should have won. We expect to be in it, we just have to seal the deal." Individual places were as follows: Josh Chavez 6th, Jorge Ramirez 4th, Yiovan Martinez-Champion, Jonathan Hernandez 5th, Tyler Anderson 3rd, Alex Walker 4th, Diamond Oleza 2nd, Austin Rux 6th, Robert Larson 4th, Kavy Vongsouvanh 4th, Jacob Limberg 4th, Matt Wyman 2nd, Alex Wilkinson 2nd, Bryce Buczynski-Champion and Caelin Maurchie-Banks-Champion...this just proves that "Together we can endure anything!"

The E-Rabs traveled to Belvidere to wrestle Plainfield East and Huntley on Thursday December 30th. They beat Plainfield East 41-26 and beat Huntley 48-29. The line-up was a little out of whack as there were few startes not int he line-up giving Coach Lee an opportunity to test the waters with a few of his underclassmen. Collin Ruthe and Antonio Garcia split the two meets at 152 with both winning. Matt Marshall stepped in for the injured Zach Mutton and went 2-0 on the day. Mike Estergard was in at heavyweight and also went 2-0 on the day. It was a good showing as the E-Rabs take the weekend off and return to practice Monday to begin the second half of the season. Time to buckle down and get serious.


The Belvidere wrestling community lost the founder of the Belvidere Bandits Wrestling Club. I just learned of the passing of Mr. Kenny Kays. The Rockford Wrestling community has the Kays family in it's prayers.


That E-Rab Frosh/Soph team is putting a bright spot in the future of E-Rab Wrestling. They kicked some tail winning the tournament by 70 points with only 11 of the 14 weight classes being represented. Champions were Xavier Buchanan, Yiovan Martinez, Antonio Garcia, Paul Montoya and Mike Estergard. Runner-up was Kevin Kuri. Taking 3rd was Jorge Ramirez. Noah Nunez placed fourth, while Bryce Buczynski and Joel DeLaRosa finished 5th and 6th respectfuly.

While the Frosh/Soph team was kicking tail in the central part of the state, the varisty was competing in the second toughest tournament in the state at Hinsdale Central. We finished 16th out of the 26 team field. Placing for the E-Rabs were Zac Vannatta 8th, Zach Mutton 6th, Jon Walker 5th and Matdy Vongsouvanh finishing 6th. As a team we began to look and act like a team that is starting to gel. There were outstanding performances by Jon Walker and Zac Vannatta.


Bret was released from the hospital late last week and is without his neck brace. According to Bret, all MRI's came back negative for any injury.


The Sophmore E-Rabs finish 99 points ahead of the second place team, Geneseo in our own invitational. Individual Champions were Bobby White 119, Joel DeLaRosa 135, Antonio Garcia 145, Collin Ruthe 152, Michael Estergard 285. Finishing second were Jorge Ramierez 112, Yiovan Martinez 125, Kevin Kuri 130 and Paul Montoya. Finishing third were Xavier Buchanan 112, Matt Marshall 160, Mayy Wyman 171, Nick Sansone and Bryce Buczynski 215. Finishing fourth were Kavy Vongsouvanh 145, Riley Miller 160 and Alex Wilkinson 171. Finishing fifth was Caelin Maurchie-Banks 285 and finishing sixth was Diamond Oleza 140.

The varsity traveled to LaSalle-Peru dualing Lincoln Way North, United Township and LaSalle-Peru. We went 1-2 on the day. Having a good day was Nick Larson and Zac Vannatta who went 2-1 on the day. We had an opportunity to get some others a chance a wrestling varsity today as we had two starters out for the ACT testing day.


The E-Rabs defeated Jefferson 78-3 as they have been hit very hard by eligibility issues this week. and then went on to beat Freeport 39-30, after they had 3 varsity starters quit this week.

It began Friday with a victory over Metamora 36-33 at Belvidere. The Saturday the E-Rabs were wrestling on the varsity and frosh/soph levels. First at East we hosted our Giardini Invitational, where we finished 8th as a team. The E-Rabs crown one Champion in it's 215 weight class, Matdy Vongsouvanh. Runner up was Sergio DeLaRosa , third were Zac Vannatta, Zach Mutton and Jon Walker. Finishing 5th was Jason Woods and finishing 6th was Seth Swinehart.

At Byron the frosh/soph team finished 4th, only 25 points out of first. They crowned two Champions in Bobby White and Mike Estergard.Finishing second were Matt Marshall and Nick Sansone. Finishing third were Yiovan Martinez and Antonio Garcia. Finishing fourth was Collin Ruthe and finishing 6th was Noah Nunez.

Not a bad weekend the E-Rabs improve to 3-2 on the season and had a good individual results weekend. Next up for the E-Rabs will be Thursday they travel to Freeport to take on Freeport and Jefferson with wrestling beginning at 5:30pm. Saturday the varsity travels to LaSalle-Peru to wrestling LaSalle-Peru, Lincoln Way North, and East Moline with wrestling beginning at 10:00am. The sophomores host their own tournament here at Rockford East HS. Wrestling begins at 9:30am.

Thursday we traveled to Belvidere North for a confernece tri against Belvidere North and Guilford. The varsity best Belvidere North 38-31 after trailing 6-25. Big wins came from Xavier Buchanan, Jason Woods, Zac Vannatta, Zach Mutton, Spencer Fuller, Seth Swinehart, Matdy Vongsouvanh and Draque Walker. Nick Knodle wrestled tough against a very good wrestler Greg Adkins losing the match 0-8 and so did Sergio DeLaRosa, losing to Eric Nord. The the E-Rabs went to town racking up the pins against Guilford. The final score there was 57-15. Winning matches for the E-Rabs were Sergio DeLaRosa, Nick Larson, Dylan Yasak, Jason Woods, Zac Vannatta, Zach Mutton, Spencer Fuller Seth Swinehart, Matdy Vongsouvanh, Draque Walker and Xavier Buchanan.


The 2011 E-Rab Wrestling team would like to wish each and everyone of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Thnaks for your support!

We kicked off the season Tuesday with a non-conference dual meet at home against Dundee Crown. With pleanty of new faces in the line-up we have a lot of improvemetnts to make but with lots of potential. Thanskgiving eve we traveled to Hononegah for the season opening conference dual. Getting handed nice reminder that we need to buckle down and get to our certified weights and develope into a respectful team, losing 12-57. The season is wide open for building into a good team. We can only go forward and get better, which we will as the end of the season "tournament time" is what really counts and we must prepare and grow in preparations for that time of the year.

Next on tap for the E-Rabs will be hosting it own Freshmen Invitational Saturday and then next Thursday we travel to Belvidere North for a conference triangular with Belvidere North and Guilford. Friday the Varsity travels to Belvidere to wrestle Metamora in a dual meet and the Saturday is the Giardini Invitational at East. Also on Saturday our Frosh/Soph travel to Byron for a tough Invitational.

The E-Rabs open a very busy Thanksgiving week with a home meet against Dundee Crown which begins at 5:30pm. Then Wednesday the E-Rabs travel to Hononegah for their traditional Thanksgiving Eve Dual meet. Thursday all E-Rab Wrestling Family will have a very good and healthy meal with their families. Saturday the E-Rabs host their own 16-team Freshmen Invitational which begins at 9:30am.


Now I am not a fan of rap music...but this is a wrestling rap song/video...check it out!



The service for Alec and Stephanie Spickler's father has been set for Friday November 12, 2010 from 4:00p-7:00p at Sundberg Funeral Home in Rockford. There will be a memorial service following the visitation. With the families approval we have decided that the wrestling team will offer support of meals. Please read the link below for more information.

If you don't find what you're looking for or have any questions, please contact me at rkfdwc1@aol.com or call me 815.703.5780


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